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The Film Photographer's Notebook


I've always been the type of person who has a lot of fun in designing solutions to the little problems close to home. After years of scribbling vague notes into pocketbooks I decided to make life a little easier and more efficient for myself by designing and printing a bespoke product for recording details about the rolls of film I was shooting.

It needed to be lightweight and easy to fill in for on-the-go shooting, with room for annotations for each exposure as well as general roll notes.

The finished product was a simple A6 staple-bound notebook that easily slots into even the smallest camera bags. The simple, utilitarian design compliments a no-nonsense analogue practice, whilst reflecting a touch of the film aesthetic on the cover.

After 2 years and dozens of rolls of film shot – at home, on the road and several countries across the world – I have well and truly put the books through their paces. I've already thought of a handful more improvements to add to the books, such as roll numbering systems to tie in more closely to my negative filing system, however it has already improved my 'shoot, dev, scan and file' system immensely.

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