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The People's Review of Renting


In 2017, activist organisations ActionStation and Renters United teamed up to produce The People's Review of Renting, a report that, using the voices and stories of renters, aims to instigate significant change within the New Zealand's renting laws to gain better rights for renters.

I was asked to design the report, and produce photographs for it, which was completed in just a few days and later hand-delivered to Government Ministers following a press release attended by national media on the steps of Parliament.

Let's be honest, most reading material that lands on the desk of a politician is probably a bit dull and drab, with poor design consideration. From the beginning we knew this report had to be well designed, not only to stand out and engage readers (who are very busy people), but also to do justice to the subject matter and ensure that these, often quite shocking, renting stories were heard.

The design takes cues from the branding of both Renters United and ActionStation, while at the same time is a unique document in it's own right with a distinct style, largely contributed to by the moody photography. I sought a clean, easy to read layout with a comfortable flow that gives emphasis to the many personal quotes that are scattered throughout the report.

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